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Curtains, Made to Measure Curtains


Our Modern range of made-to-measure curtains will suit all styles and interiors, Curtains can be customized for a blackout as well as thermal linings for a beautiful finish. We will take care of the measuring, fitting and manufacturing it’s all included in 1 competitive price. All curtains are hand made and supplied double width. Which means they will look exactly how they look in photography. Read below or book an appointment with our curtains specialist. We cater to all types and sizes of curtains including motorized and wifi operations. Give us a call or book an appointment using the link below.

Types of Curtains

Mainly there are 4 types of curtains Headers can be divided further into some subcategories. Your Curtains Advisor will answer any questions you may have. Depending on the window type and your requirements the advisor will showcase the correct kind of curtain to suit your needs. Here are a few types of Curtain Headers we Offer in our Made to Measure Curtains Service.
Pinch Pleate
Pencil Pleate
Pinch Pleate Curtain header
Pencil Pleate Curtain Header
Grey Eyelet Curtains
Wave Curtains

Decide if you are co-ordinating patterns or colours? If it is the pattern that is the hero, then choose similar designs in different scales or pick out a single element in the curtain fabric and replicate it with the blind. If you choose to co-ordinate a colour palette, then choose a dominant colour from the curtain pattern and bring it through in the blind.

Types of Curtain Linings


There are 3 types of curtain lining available. These are described below. Your advisor will guide you toward the most effective type of curtain lining there is. This is the exact same lining used for manufacturing roman blinds. Because the lining is  Ivory in color, it fades evenly and does not turn yellow over time. Most of our fabrics are tested for fading. 

Thermal Curtain Lining 

Thermal Lining is mainly used to add volume to the curtains. It also creates a thick barrier between the room and the windows. It does have a bit of a hallo effect. which means achieving blackout with this type of lining is subject to the overall thickness.

Standard Curtain Lining 
This type of Fabric is fairly light. It is ideal for thicker fabrics due to its flexibility with the application. It does create another layer between the window and the room but is not ideally used for thermal or blackout properties. However it’s perfect for dressing living room Windows and doors.
Blackout Curtains Lining 
This is a 3 tier fabric ideal for blackout curtains and roman blinds fabrics. This does have some thermal properties too. Remember when choosing blackout lining, the lining itself does not run corner to corner and therefore does not line the curtain completely. This is normally overcome by adding extra fabric width for overlap.
Discover a range of gorgeous colours, prints and textures.

Browse our range of curtain fabrics and book a free inhouse appointment . Can’t decide? We’ll bring them all to your appointment.

It’s a trick of the eye, but if there is enough wall space either side of the window, then add an extra 35-45cm to the length of the curtain pole. This way the Curtains sit wider than the window when pulled back, giving a bigger view of the outside.


Our Service is Great Value.
Solution for window Dressing

We aim to offer the right advice each time every time even when we cannot offer you the product .We will guide you in the right direction.

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A comprehensive in house service which offers advice, take care of measuring and fitting, for a perfect fit in a timely manner.

Styles to Suit Your Budget

Your advisor will offer a varity to choose from based on needs and budget .We will work with you to find the right product at the right price. 

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Curtains can be accessorised with matching tie backs, either piped or unpiped or hold-backs which are part of the tracks & poles range.

Curtains can be accessorised with matching tie backs, either piped or unpiped or hold-backs which are part of the tracks & poles range.

Curtains can be accessorised with matching tie backs, either piped or unpiped or hold-backs which are part of the tracks & poles range.